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Bend over, valued consumer..Direct Tv has no value for the loyal customer- I found out that if I was a new subscriber, my bill would be 20 bucks less each month, PLUS I would get a free DVR HD box that costs 200 bucks for the current subscriber...THEN, lets talk about the free HD for my life, it is 10 bucks a each year they clip me for 120 bucks (320 for 2010 with upgraded box) I S THIS A G R E A T offer or what ?? If ya bend me over, at least kiss me first !!

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I agree, Direct TV seems much more interested in new customers than keeping loyal customers. Every promotion from free HD to free NFL is aimed at bringing in new clients.

They should be featured on that banking ad, about how it wrong to treat new friends better than old. They throw you a free pay per view and feel you've been rewarded! We've had this service for over 15 years but I'm not sure how much longer I can take this neglect. I would love to take part in their customer satisfaction survey.

But somehow I think they hand pick those participants. Very disappointed in this company!

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