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It started with getting a Bundle by ATT&T. phone internet and unfortunatly Direct TV.

ATT&T could not come thru with internet service at our house. Direct had already installed their satelite by the time ATT&T decided that we could not get internet. so they cancelled bundled. case closed??

NO DIRECT TV refused to let us out of a TWO YEAR contract !! it was a bundle deal! after several calls lots of CELL phone minutes used time missed from work they still would not let us out! offered us deals.

thought we would go ahead and try them with what they promised.. NO all they told us they did not back up. every time I spoke with a DIRECT TV person They promised all would be right. then another statement would come and it would be higher.

finaly we could not take anymore. and cancelled. a person called LESLEY in accounts management called me! the night I cancelled and stated the call was being recorded.

she tried to get us to stay. aftert her changing amounts a few times I seen it would not work. I told her I wanted out. she said the cancellation fee was waived.

case closed?? NO NO NO $420.00 cxl charge added to bill. when I called to question. well one I was told there is NO PHONE NUMBER INTO ACCOUNTS MANAGEMENT DEPT.

They can only call out!?!?!? and I was told to email them. and I was promised a phone call would be made to me in 24 hours.

I got a generic email telling us about their cancellation policy...OH and little note saying they only randomly record calls for training purposes.. what a waste of time and nerves to say the very least!

Review about: Directv Bundle.

Monetary Loss: $552.

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i just gotta say don't be pissed at direct tv. its the company that made the bundle.

if they canceled your bundle they should have automatically canceled your direct tv.

Technically when you have a bundle like that the company that you pay for the bundle owns your accounts for the different companies. if they didnt cancel the account with direct tv when they canceled your bundle they are the ones responsible for your problems not direct tv.


You should watch your bank account or cc whichever they have on file for you because there will certainly be a large charge. You can try and close whichever account they have maybe you can do this before they charge you

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