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We went into Best Buy because our $2000 samsung 50 inch TV died after only 6 years. We bought a Panasonic and we were approached by a Direct TV salesman in south Austin.

It sounded good because we had ongoing multiple problems with U-verse. So we signed up. After the Direct-TV installer (James) finished the installation he called in to finalize things. He talked and then handed the phone over to us and left.

The person on the phone said we had to pay another $89 to insure against equipment failure on their equipment that we are LEASING. The person said if there was ANY equipment malfunction we would be liable for it! I hit the ceiling. This was never mentioned.

This is B.S.

Don't fall for it. After 1 &1/2 days of high blood pressure, I finally got a phone number that connected to a higher up at Direct-TV who admitted that if there was an equipment failure inside their equipment it was on them and there would be no charge to us.

Monetary Loss: $89.

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The Direct TV lady on the phone just told me the same thing. I am responsible the maintenance, repair, or replacement of the equipment Direct TV owns.

And if I wanted help D-tv, then I'd need to sign up for that insurance, $7.99/month extra. The installer had just left. So when I asked the lady whether my contract was in effective, she replied "sure!" I hope the antenna doesn't get a lightning strike, as she told me, any damage including mayhem caused by lightning would be my responsibility. I will post this on the Costco website, just to warn other Costco customers, who are tempted to sign up with D-tv as I did.

The contract does state this.

So read it, the lessons goes. But the idea of paying for the insurance of something someone else own leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


Well to me it seems very wrong to make the customer pay insurance on the equipment they are leasing IF it is the equipment they provided that malfunctioned. Excuse me!

If I accidentally drop a milkshake on top od the main box I can understand that that is on me. If Direct TV's equipment fails internally thats on them. Without ANY insurance. If you are leasing a car and they lease you a brand new car for so much a month, and after 4 mo.

the A/C compressor goes out because it was defective. You shouldn't have to pay anything for that. They should be obligated to lease you sound equipment. I'm not buying the insurance.

If Direct TV's equipment fails internally and I was responsible for the cost of fixing it, then at the end of the 2 yr. lease I would have to return their leased equipment that I had paid to make work right.

WTF! No way that is right!


Unless they have changed things which I doubt they have I believe The customer is responsible for their equipment failure also there is a service charge if service is needed. If the customer has the equipment replaced for any reason due to malfunction or upgrade it extends your contract for another 2 yrs.