Here's my story, I've been a Direct TV customer for a little over a year and signed a 1 year contract. I was told by one of their representatives that I was already paying for HD tv channels so I should get a reciever since I have an HD tv.

So I go to a local Best Buy and grab a new HD reciever, paid around $80.00 for it. (this is a LEASED piece of equiptment that you don't own but you still have to pay for it, and return it or they'll charge you again)

They TRIPPLED our monthly bill so we decided that we'd had enough and cancelled our subscription. We were past our subscription so we thought we wouldn't get charged. The next month we find that our checking account was negative over $200.00.

When we checked our account we saw that Direct TV charged our checking account $355.92 with out prior authorization. We received no bill or notice about this. We were paying by check each month so it wasn't even an autopay, but after calling and speaking to a manager he stated that when you first sign up for Direct TV you have to give them a credit card or checking account (for billing purposes) for this very reason and we renewed our subscription when we purchased (leased) the new equiptment. He used the scenereo that Cell phone companies give you a discount on their phones when you renew your subscriptions.

I told him yeah but you own the equiptment, with Direct TV you have to pay for equiptment you don't own and still have to renew your subscription and return the item you paid for or they'll charge you again.

My argument went nowhere and they'll never get any of my business or anyone I know ever again. I'm still filing a dispute through my bank.

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Preston City, Connecticut, United States #22278

All my Directv equipment was free. They always give away free equipment and install.

The monthly charge is what they're after. I think what you got and what you expected to get were two different things.....

Diego Garcia, British Indian Ocean Territory, British Indian Ocean Territory #21963

I went throught the same thing with Dish Network, but it was 300.00 that was taken from my bank account, and I fought it till I got all of my money back. I will never do business with them again and I do warn everyone I can about Dish Network and how crooked they are!

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