DIRECT TV - They will take money out of your account without authorization! They got me for over $1,100.

We never signed anything for a bank draft, etc. We used our debit card one time to pay a bill and they kept our info on file. We dropped them after receiving a $400 bill. We never got any collection calls or bills only a box to return equipment.

3 months after they closed the account they hit our bank account for $1,100 unauthorized! You will also receive pay per view charges for movies you didn't order. Beware of the two year contract. If you have been with them two years and upgrade they get you for another two year contract that they fail to tell you about so they can charge you hundreds of dollars for if you cancel before the 2nd two year contract is up!

They said sorry there is not anything we can do! If you don't believe me google Direct TV complaints or check out ripoffreoprt.com. There are over 800 complaints on the one site about this! I am $1,100 in the hole.

I have terminal cancer and 4 kids to feed. I did not need this!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Package.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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Sorry DTV has made you another one of their victims! Sadly anytime you give anyone your credit card or bank information this authorizes them to deduct from that account.

Most companies are ethical and will not do this without the prior consent of the customer but DTV has made this a regular practice that is why they insist on having an account on file.

You might call the delivery co that you send their equipment back by to verify that DTV did get the equipment and then call DTV and demand they return the non-returned equipment fees they charged you. You may not get the entire amount back but they have to return this amount.Or you could as someone at your bank to help you.


Not their fault you have cancer. Sorry you are sick but your personal life is of no concern to a company.

They are rewuired by law to inform you of contract changes and even send you to a verification department to tell you about any agreements. You can fight the charges through your bank and if you were never sent to verification the charges will be reversed but everything at directv is documented. Down to tracking numbers for all transactuons.

Chances are you agreed to the terms and conditions and like most people did not even listen. Oh and ask your mortgage company to let youout of your loan because you have cancer or your health insurance to stop requesting payment...like directv they will not stop charging you and will not hesitate to send you to collections because of it