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My rates have doubled after the 1st year of contract! (2 year contract)

When I ordered a HD receiver to replace a non HD receiver, I was told they will extend my original contract on all receivers and service by 13 months so they can increase rates even more (assume triple rates from sign up.)

When I tried to cancel NFL ticket after increased monthly rates, they informed me that I was 4 days passed the cutoff date, that they supposedly informed me of in my new statement that they badgered me to go paperless so they send statements to my account that you have to search online to review!

I pay every month online, they know most people will have to search for statements that they don't send to you personally like most companies do!

They bleed you for increases to pay for $14,000,000 (million) judgement for penalties after being sued by US Attorney General for 22 states for unethical contracts.

Review about: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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Yup, they are horrible, I tell that to everyone I know considering signing up. Even if they don't *** directly, that doozy at the end of year one applies to everyone.

I use the local cable co here (Charter) and at least there's no contract and they will negotiate after the first year expires.

That's because without a LT contract you can always threaten to quit if they don't lower the rate and they always do. You could try calling them (DTV) and just complain, ask for a manager and tell him you are going to tell everyone you know and post on every web site you can how bad they are until either they lower the rate or let you out of the contract with no charges.


my regular receiver keep trying to upload software but cannot so it disrupts viewing. Apprently I need an HD reciever but the addition charge is high plus they say I have to extend my contract for two years as it is an upgrade.


I had a problem when them when I called to get a replacement reciever. the man I talked to kept trying to be funny and wanting to hear what kind of noise the reciever was making, then I finally told him to keep the *** thing and I would talk to someone about turning it off and going to Dish, and he tried to say I had a contract.

I told him the paper work I had said the reciever would be replaced every 2 yrs and the one I had was 7 yrs old and there fore he broke the contract. I also informed him that when I cancelled he would be named as the reason for me leaving, I got the reciever and free movie channels for 6 months

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