I transferred to direct TV in April 2009 through AT&T who stated I would pay 49.99 per month and my phone and TV services would be bundled. After the first month of service I recieved a bill for over $90.00 the services were not bundled and the because I failed to send in rebate that I was not advised of I did not recieve any discount.

I tried to cancel the services and was locked into a twelve month contract for the rebate I did not receive. In addition, I continued to pay the outrageous monthly fees for the lease of the equipment that I was told were free. Therefore I decided to wait it out.

This morning I called thinking my contract was over to find out an additional contract was made when we bought our new TV and received an HD box. Now we currently have sixteen additional months left on our contract. The cancellation fee is currently $20 dollars per month for 16 months a total of $320.00 to cancel.

The service is poor quality the HD pictures are not always accessible and the is scrambled if the wind blows. I think it is unjust to be locked into a unsigned contract when the service is inadequate. So now I will wait another 16 months and ensure not further adjustments are made by the provider without my consent.

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