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I ordered DTV over the phone because I had just moved into a new apt. and there was a Direct TV dish just outside my apt.

I got Salesperson #1 who informed me I could get the channels I wanted (including the Science Channel) for a mere $34.99 per month, and that I qualified for this price with a $20 rebate for a period of twelve months. He assured me I could then get set up with an account, that the new dish would be mailed to me within a few days and that he would hand me over to Salesperson #2. #2 informed me I would receive a "gift card" worth $25.00 that I could use as a debit card just for Direct TV or for anything else. He informed me Direct TV would not do business with me without this "gift card" worth $25 since I refused to agree to put my payments on a credit card or debit card.

I received my dish in a few days. By March 1st, 2008 I was set up by the installer from Elsy Communications. This company apparently contracts with Direct TV to further confuse and complicate issues for the customer at large, and that would be me. Installer plugged me in, ran the cable line and voila!

I had been programmed, alas, sans my precious Science Channel. I had ordered the CHOICE package which I understood (verbally, of course) to include the Science Channel. Installer called programming and made sure I had the Science Channel and installer said, CHOICE EXTRA, and voila! I got the Science Channel.

Two weeks later I receive my first bill from DTV for $57.99, $20 more than my rebate would have me pay (no rebate in the mail yet) and $3.99 more than I agreed to pay for the $34.99 service. Upon calling #1, I am told I did not request the Science Channel and he then refers me to #2 who informs me that said bill needs to be paid in full and that my rebate form -- along with my "welcome" package should have arrived, and oh I will send that right out. No such luck. These people are paid to intimidate you into thinking you owe them something but that's only because they own me now, don't you know?

I called the Supervisor at DIRECT SAT TV and got the pablum of corporate euphemisms ranging from : "Oh, of course I understand how you were upset and yes, of course I will send you the rebate form, and no, there's nothing I can do about the additional $3.99 you are being charged, not to mention $20 you are additionally being charged until your rebate goes through. Which of course, the rebate takes 6-8 weeks to qualify for and oh by the way, the fine print is that you may not qualify for the rebate. I get the rebate some four days later, it is now March 21st and after three weeks of programming I am stuck with a bill for $57.00 from DTV and $50.00 from Direct SAT TV in North Carolina for shipping and handling $19.95, plus a $5.00 processing fee for said "gift card" and a $25.00 charge for the "gift card" presumably a debit card. I just got through paying $110 by using money orders for my service.

I am now in the process of wanting to contact or be contacted by others interested in being plaintiffs in a class action against these thieves. Unfortunately, I have definitely overpaid them. I doubt I'll get this $25.00 gift card, but now I'm stuck with a receiver and they'll probably want. In just three weeks they've sucked $110 out of me.

Like *** they'll gonna get my debit card, but now I'm wondering if these thieves aren't using whatever personal information and selling it to even more unscrupulous thieves. I'm glad I paid them via M.O. so that I could keep a receipt based on some of the other complaints I've read. Anyone game enough to jump in on a bandwagon may snail mail me at P.O.

Box 555, Hopland, 95449.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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