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I just received new service with Direct TV two weeks ago which was ordered through Verizon. Direct TV billed Verizon instantly and Verizon did not have billing set up for me yet so Verizon did not pay Direct TV therefore Direct TV disconnected me for Verizon not paying my bill that I never even knew about.

Now they will not turn me back on till I pay them $93.61. Once again, I have only been a customer for two weeks. It is awful. Please do not be victim of this.

You can not speak to a rep in America.

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WOW....the same thing happened to me today! Signed up with Verizon for a bundle deal which includes home phone,internet and Direct tv service this was on May 29,2010.

Today 07/14/2010 I wake up and Direct tv has been shut off,I call them and they tell me Verizon never set me up on a bundle plan and I need to pay 161.00 to have tv back on, I explain I paid my bill 2 weeks ago to Verizon and they tell me I am not on Verizon bundle and pay them full amount and also to contact Verizon. I call Verizon and they tell me on their part it shows I am set up for bundle and I need to handle it the Direct tv!! This is not what I signed up for I paid my bill and now have no tv and Verizon will do nothing!!!

I will be reporting them the contract I signed was agreed upon for the bundle deal in the amount of 84.99 so they have now voided the contact! Worse company ever


I think she meant Verizon, thier customer service is in India


I am a Direct TV representative and I just so happen to be in America.

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