I am very upset that Direct TV has cancelled the Fox Channel. I live where I can only get Satilite or I would have already changed my service to cable.

If you do not put Fox back on the air I will consider changing to "The Dish Network" or anther Satilite service.

I am sure this is about money and the owner of Direct TV and Ceo and othet BIG guys on the block aren't receiving their big bonuses dues to the current state of the economy....how greety can you get? I mean really the Fox Channel is not a movie channel like HBO, showtime and other paid channels....its just Fox like CBS, NBC ect....

Please get you mind off the all mighty BUCK and let people enjoy there favorite shows....we pay you enough!!!

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Omg read ir *** agreement! For any compnay it has restrictions.but alot of oeople cant read like u.but its un black and white nothing is free and everyone wamts something for nothing wat happened to really knowing? Because people r bif babies and idiots

U get wat u desetve for not reading.


I don't blame you I like to get what I pay for too,that is only fair.As far as believing anything DTV says, Don't. Before cancelling service,do your homework and know what they can and most likely will do.


Seriously!?!?do u idiots really not inderstsnd when directv says that they r trying to get it back they mean it! I mean its not up to them to keep it or not if theu agreed to the price fpx wants them to pay them

N u would still be *** and complaining that irs not fair

Shut the *** up and get a life!!!!!!!!

*** ***!

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