Viacom tried to raise rates on YOU & Direct TV told them "NO".

Viacom removed the channels on July 11, 2012 when Direct TV would NOT pay an increase.

Viacom (CBS network imbeciles) ran BANNERS using the standard, old Democrat party line of "it's only pennies per day" for the increase & it will NOT raise your payment (which is a lie). Viacom tries to bully Direct TV into a higher fee & that would be passed on to the CUSTOMER in their bill. (Sadly, most of the complainers don't understand this fundamental principle of economics. The final CUSTOMER always pays for rate/tax increases!)

Viacom produces tons of bad shows & networks (*** TV, the racist BET & Dora), although the quality of Sponge Bob & Fairly Odd Parents are a clear exception.

If you want to kiss the feet of Viacom & their Soviet style propaganda, then go ahead & be happy! When Viacom comes back to reality, those channels will be reinstated...they NEED the Direct TV $$$, badly. Have you seen the hideously bad CBS programming? LOL!

Somebody needed to tell Viacom's Commisars to "SHOVE IT" & Direct TV had the guts to do it!

If you don't like Direct TV, then PAY someone else's increased rates.

Hurray for Direct TV!

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I have never had any problems with Direct, and have had the same pricing since I have had their service. And by golly I can do with out the channels from viacom. But if we are short 16-17 channels then we should be given credit 16-17 dollars for the channels we are short.


One correction should be made for the above; CBS (and with it Showtime and The CW) parted ways with Viacom years ago.

All Viacom has are MTV, BET, Nick, and Spike.

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