I have been a Direct TV subscriber for years. At first I subscribed because it was supposedly a good deal...yeah, unless it's raining, snowing or the wind is blowing. Service goes out constantly. Billing is a crapshoot at best. We've actually had folks laugh at us...most recently, ROBERTA employee number OKC3125...if that is even actually her number.

Upon my installation at my new home three years ago, Direct TV sub-contracted out the install....to a guy who weighed about 400 lbs. who proceeded to tell us that he could not go up on my roof any further than he could reach from the top of his ladder....needless to say, from day one, we had interference issues as Mr. Tubby had installed the satellite in a way that had several trees in my yard creating problems with transmission...we had Direct TV folks out to the house 4 times....each person told us something different....until finally, after I "escalated" the complaint to the highest level possible, we were finally told the truth...the trees were in the way...and they were causing the problems....and oh yeah, employees are supposed to go up on the roof to ensure proper installation and transmission....

Our TV guide went out constantly.....taking hours to reboot and show the programming....finally we had a guy come out again and he took apart the satellite revealing to us that we had a SPanish Language component on the dish that was causing all the issues....pretty funny, since we are Anglo, ENGLISH speaking and never asked for that at all.....that is the one thing that works fine now....after 4 trips....

I can go on......Direct TV should be fined ....Where is the FCC in all of this? I know there are folks like me out there....many friends have had similar complaints...you can't get through....can't get help///unless you navigate a computer maze that takes about 5 minutes or longer to speak to a real person....

HELP!!...btw...If the CEo of Direct TV a *** about any of this, the complaints would be dealt with....obviously, when you get laughed at by he folks who are being paid to help you, that attitude and condescending demeanor comes from the top....

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