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I signed up for the 29.00 package like many Americans were fooled into. I immediately suspected something when I received my first bill for 79.00 and upon calling customer service, was told that they have to bill at what the "prior-to discount price" is on the first bill.....which, of course, was NEVER covered whatsoever by the sales rep.

My next month's bill was over 100.00 and my bill didn't EVER come close to the 29.00 that was untruthfully fact, it was always around 100.00, so I called to tell them I would not EVER pay them for anything above the agreed upon price of 29.00.

Direct TV is the biggest SCAM on the internet. I am also a political advisor for a local Senator and have gotten him involved with taking on this scam..We have contacted several Senators and Congressmen who all agreed that something needs to be done about a company with such unethical and illegal activities. They are working on a bill as we speak to not only fine this unscrupulous company, but also to shut-down continued abusers of false advertisement and to do away with all the small, hard to read *** their predatory lawyers conjure up... Please join us in SHUTTING DOWN this horrible company that takes advantage of good, honest Americans who are going through tough economic times!!!

I, for one, intend to make a difference and stand up for our rights to fair business practices in America!


Don Robinson

Review about: Directv Tv Package.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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Don Robinson, I wish you the best in your endeavors to pass a bill to stop the unfair overcharging and lying from corrupt companies that prey upon the unsuspecting hard-working public. I too was mislead into believing that DirecTV would be cheaper than the traditional cable company.

One week after install and finding out that DirecTV would not be able to provide services that I had signed up for, I requested to cancel the account. At that time, I found that we had been locked into a 24 month lease agreement with a $480 cancellation fee, which was never disclosed at any time to us. Our current home is only to be a temporary arrangement and I would not have set myself up for a 2 year agreement knowing I would be moving again in about a year. I refuse to pay them for services they did not adequately provide, nor will I pay a cancellation fee that is active for 2 years after only a 24 hour window.

Most companies would be understanding enough to waive this cancellation fee after only having service for a week, but not this one! They need to learn that abusing their customers and unethical business practices will not be tolerated nor allowed to continue!


Don Robinson.. I pray that you can help all the innocent people that have been suckered in by Direct TV and make them return all the money they have stolen from their customers.I too am a victim I have had direct tv for 5 long months(5 of the longest months of my life) I pay them with money orders and they say they did not get 3 of my payments and are demanding payment or will shut off my service.The money orders have been cashed verified by money gram.I am lucky my local cable co is offering to pay off my contract with Direct TV for $300 or less.

you all might try calling your local cable co and asking if they have a buy out plan.The cable co has no contract to sign,I worry that Direct TV will not give me credit for the returned receivers.

I do not want to cancel my credit card as this goes against my credit I will call credit card co and ask what I can do before I cancel my service with Direct TV. Keep reminding them that something MUST be done NOW to protect innocent people of these devious practices by Direct TV!


Please let me know if anything will be done! I for one want my money back!


Random, U r an ***. This y they treat us with blatant disrespect. Y don't you start a forum 4 happy directv customers & give us the website.




In my case, they just deliberately stole my money. I returned the boxes but never received the refund of $770 for the boxes. They charged my card for $1050 which includes a cancellation fee I never knew I had. I had the service over 2 years. It is so useless to talk to anyone over there.

I even talked to a supervisor. Was not any better. Just a better liar.

Please help us all!! My Gosh, how could this happen?


Sorry you feel so unimportant and have no belief in the system. The Senator does care and does not "line his pockets"...he is one of the few that truly cares.

The legally binding print is one of the catalysts that we are concerned about as are the untruthful statements from customer support representatives.

There is a new climate in today's politics that is pointing the gun at big corporations that have been gluttonous and predatory on the American public. We are working on a bill similar to what was passed against the credit card industry which will cut out untruthful advertisement as well as the hard to read and understand fine print that they use to snare victims.

I urge you to join this movement and realize that one person, combined with many other voices, DOES make a difference. We, as Americans, have a right to stand up to injustice and put these corrupt companies in their place!!


I would love to believe you, however I cannot. I have a feeling that your senator has more pressing matters at hand, such as lining his own pockets.

I'm sorry you were mislead - I was too, however there's nothing that can be done.

Take it on the chin and learn from your mistakes. If you're a political advisor, you should know that whatever is in print is legally binding and heresay from a "customer support representative" is worth very little.

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