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Have had Direct TV for two years. Have never really been happy with them, due to the excessively high cost of monthly service. Was reviewing a recent bill and noticed a $4.99 recurring monthly charge for channels I have never received. I asked a customer service rep to explain the charges and added that I really didn't want the channels, but an explaination of the charges. I got a response that they had "deleted" the six channels from my subscription package and nothing else. I responded by saying they didn't answer my question and what were they going to do about the months of service that I was charged for and didn't get. I got another response that it was too late, because they have already deleted the service from my subscription package and couldn't verify my claim. I then asked to be referred to a supervisor, which didn't happen.

This is a pretty good scam, get you to complain about one thing, cancel part of your subscription and then claim that you should have complained earlier and that it's "tough luck" on your part, but no refund or credit.

I pay these thieves approx $155 a month for TV and they are trying to beat me out of about $200 in credits. What a bunch of losers. If you have to deal with these guys, then keep a keen eye on your bill. they will cheat you if they can.

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