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I have had a variety of problems with Direct TV starting from the moment I had to cancel it b/c of a new rule against satellites on the roof. A technician had to be sent out 3 times and we had to deal with numerous calls before someone finally wrote down we did not have a line of site on our balcony and reversed the charges.

Then they recharged my boyfriends mothers credit card without asking us as she had done us the favor of paying for our service one month and it was in their files. This happened quite a few times and for months in which we did not even have boxes or satellite, they felt it was fine to reactivate our account without speaking to us and charging a third parties credit card, again, without asking. THEN we come to find out a receiver we purchased at Best Buy, was being pursued as theirs 3 months after we canceled service, with the additional threat that if we did not return a device not leased through them, but Purchased through Best Buy, we would suffer additional charges that could total $470. I cannot tell you how many phone calls I have had to go through to get rid of this horrible, cheating company.

Do not Ever buy a receiver from Best Buy, they sneakily have some kind of working on the Receipt of all places that is is theirs.

I am completely disgusted with my entire experience with them and it has been impossible to rid ourselves of them. Good Luck to anyone trying to deal with them, we literally felt like we should sue them for mental anguish when having to keep reliving and explaining and calling over and over and over again as they continually charged us for service and items we did not have"” and all without asking and on a third parties card which was unbelievably embarrassing.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Receiver.

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Direct TV send people to you house that don't know what they are doing and then charge you to come and fix the problem..go somewhere else for your cable.


The receivers you "buy" from Best Buy are leased receivers. That's why they are so cheap and that's why DTV wants to charge you $470 for the non equipment return fee.

That's how much that receiver really costs if you decide to buy it for real. As you said, it's all noted in the receipt. Do yourself a favor and read before you sign.

I'm not a fan of DTV and I work for them but what I really hate are the people that put themselves in these positions and then complain. You have all the information given to you, every detail is in the leasing agreement.

Plus to all the people that say "I work with [blank] amount of people and have influence with all of them...", shut the *** up! Your 1200 people are but a drop in the bucket.

As much as they tell their customers that its all about keeping customers happy, it's not. This is a business not a charity and if you took 10,000 customers with you, DTV will still be making money hand over fist.


Hey don't feel alone! I ordered diret tv and I was promised all kinds of perks.

Free nfl football, hbo, etc. Once I signed they pulled the rug from under me. I must of argued with them (10 different people) 25 times on the phone and I finally was fed up and bought out my contract!

I told them I worked with over 1200 people, and that everyone there was going to know by me what a pile of *** there company really is! I never say never in life, but the last phone conversation I had with diret tv, before I slamed down the phone, was never again will I order from you, and your the worst of all my dealings in business, EVER!