I just spent the week from *** trying to get my direct tv set up. I thought it would be a good idea to bundle my tv and internet with my ATT cell phones.... wrong.

Although the people at the ATT store were very nice they new little about Direct TV. They could not answer my questions about On Demand and special channel options... this should have been a clue.

When the techs came to install Direct TV it took over 4 1/2 hours and they were all over my house... creating a giant mess! Just as was to sign off on the install papers I asked about how my On Demand worked... and I was informed I would have no On Demand services. I told the techs that I had been promised at the ATT store that I would have On Demand and their response was, "Well, we don't work for ATT." "Well" I said, "I don't care who you work for..." Needless to say I did not sign the install agreement... thank goodness.

I spent the following week trying to get get my service to work correctly... during which time I had no TV service even though the tech promised to back the next day to fix it. Warning... they lie, the techs, customer service reps, account set up reps... all lie to get you to sign the Direct TV contract and lock you into a big money scam. They will try and charge you for everything!!! Hundreds and hundreds of dollar for things they promised to be part of regular service.

I will not torture with the rest of the horrible details but I did get out of the contract only bc I did not sign the install agreement. However they still have not come to remove the dish from my roof. They say "it" is mine now... well I don't want it... I am still trying to get them to remove it... but I will wait to see if that happens.

My words of advice... if you are thinking about switching do not do it!!! Direct TV is a scam, their customer service is the worst, and they will lie, cheat, and steal from you. They should be put out of business!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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For six months I had a close friend move in with my family as he was going through a seperation. He came to r home and brought with him a direct tv box.

He said it would work but all I had to do is buy a dish and we can watch tv. I went on criagslist and purchased a round dish, nothing pretty paid ten dollars for it and then went to home depot and purchased 100' of tv cable. We then simply put the dish on my fence post ran cable from dish to the direct tv box and to my amazement it worked just like he said it would. He paid his cable bill every month and we had tv ever month.

Him and his wife worked things out and so went a friend and his cable box. I liked direct tv so much I decided to order it for my home. Call paid had a date set up in three days time. A technician came to are home and tells me we can't get there service do to a tree blocking the signal.

I explained to him my friend staying with me for six months, and at that time the trees were fully in bloom and it worked fine. His name was Jason and he refused to install the cable because his meter said it would not work because of the tree. He was to show up at are home at 8am to 12pm a.d he showed up at 3pm and had no ambition to work. I called direct tv and told them wut just happend and the said sorry and they will send out a superviser in three days time to do the install himself.

His name was all so Jason. He gets to are home and tells us the same thing. I bagged and pleaded with this man to just program the box and it will work and if it does not I will gladly pay him cash for the companies time. And again he leaves and I have no tv.

If any one is considering to order direct tv stop and call 716- 381-0262 so I can talk u out of it.

O yes it gets worse, don't have the time to finish this letter. Ask for jim :(


:( I can agree with everything their saying above we had direct tv for the entire year and the first 6 mo we did not have service really at all. we replaced 2 boxes.

After the first 6 mo we e-mailed the board of directors and got $20 dropped from our bill every month and someone was out the next day to make sure our stuff was working. so in the end after we went to the top of the company we were treated like customers..



I am a direct tv installer. please dont let the bad installers ruin it for the rest of us good installers.

If any of you have any ? about you d tv system please ask me i maay be able to help.


I have also had lots of problems with Direct TV lieing, making promises they cannot keep. Stay away from DIrect TV


sorry imnt direct tv on my post up top


dishnetwork took me on a ride pay more for tv than ever thought i would the sells people lie worse than dogs barking at nothing they sent me a email to make the deal 29.99 only one thing i dont get on the computor hardly ever they did not say you have respond to a email they are the worst people to deal with hope some lawyer smells how much money there is on this one site and sues your butts hey dishnetwork you all suck


amen to they lie, cheat and steal. you cannot believe the sales people as they are apparently on commission and will say anything to get a sale. hopefully some body with a lot of money will sue the sobs and win big bucks


After having Direct TV installed for only a month, my cable went out. I called customer service and was told it would take a week for a tech to come out.

Same thing happened the second month. My husband was drunk at the time and got an ax and chopped the main box up flying it into the neighbor's yard. When I called customer service to cancel my service because they're service sucked, I was told to give them another chance and they would re-wire my entire house for free which they did. I was also told if I had any more problems I could cancel my contact without being charged a cancellation fee which was a lie.

On top of that without my permission they added on the wire protection plan for an added cost which I never agreed to have and when I told them to take that off they wanted to charge for me that too.

I wish I looked into this scam of a company before signing up with them. It's almost worth paying the $200 cancellation fee since I still have another year on my contract


You should train your people how to treat customers with excellent payment history. They did a very good job of making us switch providers after more than 13 years without a late payment and are only business contact was to order upgrades.

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