Horseshoe Bay, Texas

Two orders, two days waiting, no service no answers. Tried to switch fromm Dish to Direct TV but Direct TV will not enter roof to point where current dish mounted and cabled.

We are a community of metal and tile roofs. No other option offered so Techs cancelled orders. Complained to manager both times. First day complaint got me new order and commitment contract installer would do the work.

He reviewed job, said he would return.

Did not and found he cancelled order with no call to customer. No 1 Satellite Provider, what a joke.

Stuck with Dish, Tom from Texas

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Directv has rules and osha has rules. The installers did the right thing.

Please stay with Dish. We don't need ignorant customers


dtv polices will not allow a tech to put dish on a metal roof. maybe they can put on a pole, but he must have a line of sight to do so. And there may also be a charge to do that as well.

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