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On sat. 3/31/12 Direct tv will cancel Fox 40 tv shows.

During Idol we were given a phone number to call to complain that direct tv keep channel 40 on their air. We did make the call only to be redirected to pay our bill. We couldn't even complain like they said we could.We pay for cable for this channel. Every show we watch is on channel 40 this is very upsetting that we will have to change cable companies to be able to keep our shows!

Fix this problem!! very, very fustrated and angry that our shows will noo longer be available to watch, this will be very inconvient to change cable carriers in oorder to continue watching shows that we have been following for years!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Channel.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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I LOVE KTLA Channel 5 news in the morning! I'm very upset with Direct TV we signed a 2-year contract and we can't get out of it, so Direct TV needs to step up and provides customers with channel 5 while they meet behind doors!


Please bring Channel 5 back to our programming. We wake up to this channel so this is very disappointing.

Should we have known that DirectTV would cancel programs we would've never changed.

Please bring Channel 5 back. Have number or friends & relatives interested in DirectTV but am discouraging them from applying


FOX is also our favorite channel. It is not our fault that Fox and DirectTv cannot come to an agreement.

I will gladly pay the $1.00 that Fox seems to want from Direct per customer.

Are they in violation of the contract we had to agree to for two years? Doo I see a Class A lawsuit coming on?


Recently I mentioned in a post that my family was able to cut out our cable bill, but we continue to watch our favorite shows and movies for under $10 a month. I had quite a few comments and emails requesting more information on this, so I’ll let you all know how we do it.

First Step: With the new regulations for over the air broadcasting in place, many of us can get local channels absolutely free and in high definition. If you have an older television, you will need to buy a Digital Converter Box and antenna. If you have a newer television that has the digital tuner in place, then all you will need to get is an antenna.

We bought this Antennas Direct DB2 Multi Directional HDTV Antenna on Amazon for $36.98, and have been very happy with it. My husband installed it on the roof (should only be done by professionals, do not attempt), and we get 18 channels absolutely free! Of course, this is minus the cost of the antenna. We get ABC, FOX, QUBO, The CW, CBS, and that’s just naming a few. It will vary by location. The following links will show the channels available by location


This is some bs all the money we pay direct tv and we cant tune in to our local station without unplugging their equipment. I plan on unplugging it and sending it back. Dish never pulled these stunts.


I too watch some of my favcrite programs on Fox 40, American Idol being one of the shows. I don't think I've missed even one show in all the seasons its been showing.

I'm sincerely disappointed that this might happen.

I probably would change provider even though I don't want to. If its fox that is in conflick why are we being told to contact Direct TV.


this will totally SUCK!! 72


I too contacted Direct TV this AM as advised on Idol last night. The person I spoke with was very polite, but in essence stated that the issue was with Fox, not Direct TV.

Fox is pulling it's shows from Direct TV. She could give me no specific information why. I plan to try to find specifics and then voice concerns to Fox. I do not watch alot of TV, but unfortuantley, the shows that I enjoy happen to be on FOX.

I just switched to Direct this year and had to pay a fee to Charter for violating contract with the switch. Now I am trapped for 2 years with Direct unless I want to pay another fee for breaking contract. I guess I am no longer the person who is the benficiary of good service. I am just a customer who pays a bill that funds a business.

I guess I may have to go on-line to Hula to see my shows if Fox and Direct cannot reach agreement. They really don't care about the customer; except for the viewership that advertising is going to lose if Fox goes off Direct.