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called and got a payment extension from the 15th till the 19th but due to storm Sandy my payroll check wasn't going to get to us until the 21st. i called to see if i could get the interruption date till the 21st i was told that they couldn't do anything to stop my service from being interrupted on the 19th but when i pay on the 21st they could manually put it back in the system and restore my service.

we have been direct TV customers since 2005 but I'm ready to go back to com cast or another provider direct TV is so willing to take your money but refuses to work with you for a lousy two extra days we weren't asking for a two month extension. if they can manually restore service on the 21st why can't they manually extend my service two more days makes no sense to me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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Do like I did check out the Roku streaming video player from Amazon or Walmart.com.The only service you need is internet service. For $7.99 a month I get netflix that has a ton of movies and tv shows and there is Amazon and Hulu that each have lots of movies and tv shows for $7.99 each and there are also free stations to watch movies and tv shows.

My cable bundle went up to $217.a month and that is when I decided I had had enough and was not going to pay a cable co that much money to watch ads that they get paid to air.

With roku there are no ads and I love it and highly recommend it. I believe it willl take the place of cable once people learn about it and it will do me good to see DTV go down!