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my Verizon phone and internet goes down when ever it rains.I bundled with direct tv and have Verizon as phone & internet .

I signed up 3 months ago and have lost phone and internet every month for 3-5 days at a time. when phone and internet is down I can not down load any movies or get pay perview. Verizon credits me for lost of services at $8.00 a day but neither company will credit me for loss of direct tv services . direct tv blames Verizon and won't give credit and Verizon said they will only give me credit for there services call direct tv .

all I know is I bundled with direct tv and they won't even call Verizon for me they just give me the run around.all I know is I set this up through direct tv and they no longer want anything to do with Verizon after they get your money and contract.


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That is directtv for you but try and be late with their payment and see what happens.

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