Winchester, Virginia
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Direct TV took money off of my debit card without my knowledge or permission...when I called them they said it's basically not their problem and they refused to remove MY credit card information from their records. She said well,,,if you read this clause and this little bit of fine print and do this and do that, you would see that we can do whatever we want.

HOW can any comapny basically hold your personal information hostage. I called my credit card company and am having any further attempts at a transcation from Direct Services (Direct TV) blocked!

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $142.

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Same thing happened to me.


I just cancelled my directtv account because of a similar situation. I allowed someone to use my debit card a year ago for a " one time transaction " or so they told me it would but now I'm getting billed for someone else's bill because they refused to take my card off.

To me that is FRAUD and THEFT.

They refused to give me my money back so I made payments on someone else's account without my permission or knowledge. How many ways of wrong is that


Everyone out there with issues about DirecTV my co-worker had the same problem and she called her bank, the Bank refunded her all the money that Direct TV took and then they the Bank got there money back.


This happened to me, my credit card "American Express" swore to me on numerous occasions that they would not let charges from DTV go through and would place a note on my account,one week after I cancelled service,there was close to $800 placed on my credit card by DTV! I call American Express they said they had no control over who placed charges on my card(their story changed completely)American Express lied!All credit cards have to accept dispute charges,so I filed dispute charges,when my money was returned to my acc,I closed the account.Bottom line, don't trust your credit card because a lot of them work with DTV! It is best to get a prepaid cc for DTV account if they have to have a cc on file.