San Bruno, California
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I don't have an account with Direct TV and I've never had one in the past. I get automated calls from them every single day, several times per day.

They start calling at 8am and sometimes call as late as 10pm. I have called Direct TV many times now and told them they have an incorrect number and to stop calling me but they won't listen. I need these calls to stop!

I've already reported them to my state attorney general and the FTC. Can someone tell me how to get this company to leave me alone?

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i am NOT A CUSTOMER anymore!!!! STOP CALLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


To stop the calls call the number that called u back..not customer service they can't stop it.....tell them you just got this number and your receiving collection calls and if they could remove it ......and most of all BE POLITE!....rude=more calls ....its not the reps fault your getting calls...TRUST ME no way do I represent dtv


One of the times that I called, they told me that I must have a recycled phone number. They are trying to collect a bill.

It's noon right now and I have received 4 calls since 8am.

I called them at 8:30am and asked to speak to a manager about this. I was told that a manager would contact me within a few minutes but I still haven't received a call.


You didn"t say if they are trying to collect a bill or to sell their services.You might call your phone co and ask about putting a block on your number so they can not call.


It is possible you have a recycled phone number. Or someone is using your personal info. I know about someone who has been using our address, so we've received all of his bills since we moved into our house almost 10 years ago