Harrisburg, South Dakota

well they cancelled my account 2 days prior to the end dae so they could bill me a disconnet fee as well as an early cancellation fee. I recently returned 2 receivers back to them but had to wait almost 2 months and numerous calls to get them to send me a box to send their stuff back and they continued to charge my account even though I wanted to return their equipment and couldnt with out their return labels.

Now contract is up, thank god !!!!!!!!!!! So they sent me a box this time for the last 2 receivers and guess what, no return label so they took out over $400 out of my account for non return of equipment. So now several calls again still waiting for the return labels. This is the WORST company ever for customer service.

oh and just so you all know if it rains or snows dont plan on getting any channels to come in. This was one of the questions I asked when I first signed up & was told so long as it isn't a blizzard or horrible rain it wont be a problem.

Well with a sprinkle there will be no service from them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could go on an on with the issues we have had with this company!

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