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I called customer service this morning asking about the NFL Sunday ticket that was offered for free for new customers. It took your people 75 mins, 3 different people and 1 disconnected phone call to answer this question?!

Come to find out even with my horrible service I have received, local channels I do NOT get in certain rooms of my house, torn carpet during installation and a list of other complaints, I missed getting free NFL Sunday ticket by 2 weeks. Had I signed up 2 weeks later I could have had it. I HATE Direct TV and I hate that there's nothing on but infomercials after midnight. I HATE that I asked 3 different people in my 75 min phone call for a supervisor and NEVER got to speak to one?!

WHAT KIND OF SERVICE IS THAT!!!!!!!!! Nobody should ever be on a call for 75 mins, transferred 3 times and refused a request to speak with a superior.

You need to resolve this issue asap or cut me a better deal then $400 to cancel my service. Your prompt reply is appreciated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Deal.

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Now that you have signed on with Direct TV you won't be getting any breaks. If you didn't get it in writing you're not going to get it.

If you try and leave without paying your $400 cancealation fee, you will be turned over to collectors. I know this because I work for this company and when people call to complain all I can say is I can't help you in this regards, can I help you with anything else today?

Ever hear that from a Direct TV employee? it is what we are trained to do.

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