A customer Service Rep at Direct TV stole $383.00 from my wife's checking account and Direct TV stands by her.I am filing a criminal complaint and filing for a warrant for her arrest.

Let's start putting those direct TV weasles in jail then they'll start acting right.

See, these companies are just run by slime bags who are basically crooks that hide behind legalistic sounding contractstealing is stealing no mater how much fine print you have.

I have sued many companies and won, direct tv is next.I needs my *** money, see you chumps in court!!!!!

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ive dept with these scammers when my grandma got direct tv and just recently my mom wanted direct tv i warned her what they would do, and today we were missing channels we paid for, we called and it turned out they gave us a completely different package by accident, the guy who sold my mom the package promised her a completely different price and basically like i predicted we kept getting transferred to different reps and told different stuff so, i wonder how can my mom get involved in this class action lawsuit cause direct tv scams to many people


I'd love to help you sue.They are liars.

And screw their customers, my bill was jacked after my 1st 6mths, and I lost 6mths of showtime , which I was promised free, when I signed up.Liars!!!!


Now you know why the Better Business Bureau gives Direct TV an F grade!


They did the same with my husband's visa checkcard.

Let me know how it turns out.

Good Luck!!

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