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these people are cheap thieves. $380.00 out of my acct and i havent had them for well over a year.

and when i did they sucked bad. i called and they told me they didnt have a dept for that type of comp;aint and hung up on me.thanks for nothing "peter" my bank ended up refunding me the $$$ but not the overdraft fees i incurred. jack ***!!!

im not done with you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have forwarded my letters to the bbb and see wajt other options i can take brcause imagine how many other people they have taken advantage of

Monetary Loss: $380.

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Bad spelling is bad. I'm guessing you canceled your service which led to them charging the remaining balance to your card?

You know that is in the customer service agreement which you signed up for. But good luck anyway?

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