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DirectTV offers a person $29.99 package for 12 months IF he or she contracts for 24 months, SCAM< SCAM< .... realize after 12 months the charge more than double for the next 12 months and after that good luck with cancelling your service :(

Another scam is not fixing your service if you should be a couple days late on a bill, this is with "protection services".

I will never, ever, ever refer anyone to DIRECTTV ...

they suck and should be arrested for stealing from their customers.. I wish I would have stayed with DISH network, much better service and were about the customer not the money !

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really you would rather pay over a hundred to Comcast, as for the two yr commitment, that's now very common from Directv too Verizon. dollar for for dollar you wont find a better deal the Directv!


Was considering DirectTV; glad I saw this! 2 year contract agreement

made me hesitate and look; your posting helped me decide NOT to go with DirectTV! I now believe, if you must force a lengthy contract, its because your service bytes it!

Its not a cell DirectTV!

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