As of Tuesday July 14th Directv no longer has around 20 channels which my family and I watch on a regular basis. Directv says Viacom has blocked them and wants to increase the bill for these channels by 30%.

They say it is something crazy like a one million or one billion dollar increase if taken into effect. What a bunch of ***!!! If these issues Directv & Viacom are having are not resolved soon (with no expense out of my pocket) guess we will be canceling!

I would imagines there will be many others customers doing the same. WHAT CAN WE DO ABOUT IT??

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If u are sick of people complaining then get off direct tvs sight the only wat u would see the comments if u are on thd page reading them & u must not have kids or have direct tv cause if u did I would be complaining 2 we pay for it so we want the channels durring the day is not a big deal cause we are outside all day but @ bedtime when it's time 2 relax we like 2 watch tv & they are saying it could take up a whole year that's why we are pissed it would be nice instead of people being rude understand where we are coming from


Good grief...can't you live without some channels for a few days or maybe a few weeks? DirecTV is trying to hold the line on costs which effect how much we pay.

I am a long time DirecTV customer who has chosen them for the channel selection they offer at a price point.

Have a little patience. If money is no object then subscribe to all the cable/satellite providers in you area and plant yourself on the couch and be happy.

DirecTV and Viacom are in contract negotiations...they take a little time to work out...big deal...its TV.


you aint the one paying then shut up even if you do pay we as a paying consumer have every reason to complain you sound like someone who loves to get took .I am not like you


so what can we do about this better yet how is direct tv going to compensate its paying customers particularly me I have been a customer of direct tv for like 7 years.so how about a discount direct tv or turn on 20 premium channels until this issue is rersolved I WANT MY SPIjavascript:ac_smilie(':(')KE TV


Am I the only one sick of all these Direct TV complaints? Enough already, we get it!

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