Houston, Texas

Walking through Best Buy, I allowed a young man to talk me into trying DirectTV. After an presentation of what would be grossly exaggerated savings, we ended up paying $100 for installation, because the technician supposedly could not use the existing satallite pole.

Oh, but wait, he did use the existing satellite pole, not really a custom install, but cost us $100 anyway. After about four months of service, our Genie which controls the other three boxes begins to malfunction. After multiple calls to technical support, we are told that we have to pay $49.99 to have a tech come out to repair the box. Or, we could pay an ongoing monthly fee????

I pay the bill every month for services provided, but if they are not provided, not only do I not get a credit, but I have to pay an additional $50 to get it to work! I was given this option twice, by two different tech support reps. They assured me that paying the additional fifty bucks was my only option. I said, no it's not.

So, I switched back to my old non-satellite provider. So, they stuck me with a $320 cancellation fee.

I was only offered free assistance with the malfunctioning boxes when I called to cancel my services. Never again, and I strongly recommend you run from the pushy sales people in the stores.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Technical Support.

Monetary Loss: $420.

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Shouldn't have let him talk you into it. Honestly sorry about your experience people like the guy you talked to ruin it for everyone. He pushes and pushes you, gets money for you signing up, employees like me lose money for you dropping us, and most importantly you the customer go though what you went through.


BestBuy, SamsClub, Walmart and other companies that allow DirectTV to sell their satellite service in their stores to their customers makes big bucks from DTV at their customers expense.