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Verizon's Triple Play can not provide internet service to everyone, but they will "sorry you were misinformed" you until after contract with DirectTV is signed. Now neither company backs the other.

DirectTV will not work with you. You Signed a contract on good faith with "Verizon".

Verizon will only offer phone & TV for $95.00 mth (Triple Play was offered at $74.88) DirectTV has already secured a $346.28 deposit directly from checking account now wants another $480.00. Must be hurting for money not customers because all they had to do was offer a solution ie: a lower rate, shorter commitment, something all i got was " SORRY YOU WERE MISINFORMED"!

Monetary Loss: $775.

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i would sue for breach of contract since the contract was to purchase access to services they are not willing to provide and in the interim i would change my bank information and dispute the charges that they already got from you

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