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NOT HAPPY at all. The president of Directv is still on the air stating that loosing the Viacom channel is a temporary issue.

It's already been a week. The promises of Directv are not sincere. Stop saying theire is negotiation in progress. This is just a tactic to keep your customers around.

I am happy with what Viacom is doing? No! But they realize they have Directv right where they want them. Neither company has the loyal customer's interest in mind.

Give the subscribers a chance to say what they will and will not pay for. Make the channels an option if need be.

Stop holding your customers hostage with false promises. As for me, I am searching for another option.

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Go to their website. and take their survey it would make you feel better about getting your opinion across.

And temporary does not always mean couple days, sometimes it can take weeks. Chill out and go outside. Read a book. Clean your house.

Have a conversation with you family. Dial up a long lost friend. Make some tea. Take a walk.

Ride your bike. Live your life, don't be centered around the box that projects sound and lights, that sits in your living room, and many other rooms in your home.

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