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The only 2 channels that we use in our house are no longer available. I called Directtv to cancel since I will not be using their services because they are no longer providing the channels that I signed up for.

They told me I would have to pay $350 to cancel!!! I told them without those channels I will never turn on my television and explained that the only reason I switched companies was because they provided Nick Jr. They told me that per the contract they could change the availability of channels at anytime. I told them I wanted to speak to someone in person to give me the address to their closest location and she told me they could not give me location adresses!!!

WHAT??? What kind of business is this??? They may have me binded with their shady contract right now but I will NEVER EVER sign another contract with Directtv! I will make sure that no one I associate with ever considers using them.

Bad way to do business! I hope they go out of business!

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I switched to Directtv because Dish cancelled AMC. The satellite was installed on Monday and then my most important channel (Comedy Central/Jon Stewart) was pulled AND I found out there was virtually no way I could watch HBO GO on my television without buying an Xbox or a new tv.

'This company did not give me the chance to make an informed decision by revealing the Viacom situation OR to HBO GO problem. They acted in incedibly bad faith and now they want me to pay them $500 to cancel and that's after I already paid $99 for the dvr receiver. I stayed on the phone for three hours going up the chain of command until I got an 'account manager' who just keep saying I had 24 hours to cancel and I didn't. Viacom channels were canceled 32 hours after I got service and the guy just said too bad and that Directtv was not legally obliged to inform its customers of immenent changes in its channel line up.

This company is dishonest and greedy, avoid it like the plague. Antannae, Netflix and Hulu plus here I come.


ALL of you people that are mad at direct tv for not providing your channels. Well if you ALL would read actual news and not *** shows on vh1, mtv and nick, you would see the VIACOM was the ones that directed direct tv to pull the channels.

It was direct tv that wanted to keep the channels for the customers while the negotiations have hit a wall. You screaming and yelling at direct tv is getting no where, because they would of faced lawsuits if they continued to show the channels.


go ahead and cancel, for every one person who cancels, 2 more sign up. Directv doesnt need cry baby customers like you all, get over yourselfs.

maybe you should read your paperwork before you sign a binding agreement, then you want to blame others for your stupidity, REALLY?!?!?!

you just sign your name to anything, dont blame DIRECTV blame yourself genius. go to another provider, good luck cause soon they will be going thru the same negotiations.


If you cancel DTV's service and still under contract: you can pay the $20 per month left on your contract or the only way you can stop DTV from automatically charging an early cancellation fee to your account is to change the account # or close the account they have on file for you before you cancel service.It does no good to wait and try fighting their charges,you cannot sue them it's in the contract,the bbb gets so many complaints about DTV,they do not answer.the FTC won't do anything either.If you close or change #'s on your account they will turn you over to collections and there will be harassing phone calls and they will place a negative report on your credit but you have the option of placing your explination on there also.


Direct TV sucks!!!! they took away the only channels I enjoy.

I'm going back to Comcast tomorrow!! I hope Direct TV goes out of business!!!!


this exact thing happend when i called to cancel i only watch the channels they got rid of what sucks is they are going to try to charge me $400+ but i will fight the charges i will never use direct tv again i hope they go out of business gotta go, Dish network will be here soon to hook me up

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