I recently change to direct TV and have been lied to since day one. My bill is higher I do not receive channels I was told that I would have.

I have called and complained so many times it isn't funny, all I get is sorry miss. I think we should be able to cancel within a month is we are not happy instead of having to complete our contract.Other businesses offer this why can't these satellite companies be required to do the same.

This is unfair practice and hurts us consumers. Think twice about changing provider.

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Direct Tv lied to me, also. I will never use them, again.

I cannot recommend them. I am enjoying DISH, and their great cuatomer service, instead.


Sue - You are an ***. I did my research, very thoroughly, however, Direct TV LIES!!

I do not have the channels they said I would, I did not receive the introductory channels I was supposed to. I took very complete notes when I called Direct TV, so I know I did not misunderstand. As far as it costing them a lot of money to hook me up, all the equipment was already in the house when I bought it. All the rooms were already wired except for one, which they charged me $105 to wire.

So much for free install. I have had losuy reception, and worse customer service. Now, I am stuck with a $375 cancellation fee if I want out of my contract. When I agreed to the contract, I thought they would actually provide what they said they would.

There is a breach of contract issue on their end, and there is no one to speak with that says anything other than "I'm sorry you feel that way." I am know going the route of putting all my issues in writing to their corporate office, along with copies being sent to the BBB, and any consumer group I can dig up to help me. In the meantime - all I have to say is do not contract with Direct TV.


I have yet to understand why consumers who dont do the research find the need to complain. If you did the research on the packages you would know the channels they include and the discount "with the rebates that you must be proactive and send in" really are.

As well all companies will have the contracts or terms of service posted on the web pages. So if you really want to protect yourself and your penny do your research, you were tought how to research in highschool, I am sure you can handle it.

How, if you dont educate yourself on all that you are getting into, is a company lieing to you. FURTHERMORE If you are getting a satalite company they are paying a lot of money to make you a customer and do not get a return on the investment at all until about 24 months later, thus the reason they have the contracts, all sales are final after install in most states

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