Irvine, California

Re: DirectTV Bait-and-Switch

The City of Los Angeles has brought a lawsuit against Times-Warner for not providing services to subscribers.

I write to tell you of another 'bait-and-switch' that DirectTV is attempting to pull against my mother, a San Pedro elderly resident. She switched from Dish Network almost two months ago because DirectTV offered a few more high definition channels.

The original offer was for up to three TV connections at $29.00, I'm sure you've seen the many mail offers.

After a long discussion with the agent over the phone we agreed the monthly charge was to be $51.00. The charges were higher because my mother needed one high definition desk-top receiver and one regular receiver, plus the high definition service. We agreed to the higher $51.00 fee.

Dish Network would have charged is $49.95, but they offered a few high definition channels less. We all thought it was worth the extra $1.05 to switch.

Needless to say, my mother was very upset to receive her first bill at $73.38!

I called DirectTV on her behalf to straighten the bill out. I finally told the agent that we agreed to pay $51.00 and that we refused to pay the $73.38 they demanded. The agent finally said fine, send in the $51.00 payment.

This month we got another bill for $77.76! A second phone to complain got me nowhere and after a very long discussion with the agent I was finally connected with a supervisor.

I told the supervisor that we would not pay that kind of money because that was not the amount we agreed on. At this point the supervisor said no, we agreed to those higher charges and after all, DirectTV was giving us 'free' HBO for three months and that should help make-up for the higher cost!

I then told DirectTV to come and get their equipment because we were not going to be cheated or coerced into paying that kind of money for their service. We told her we would only pay the original $51 we agreed to.

At this point the supervisor said, "That's fine with us BUT, you will be charged $400 and more because you are ending service early". She also advised that DirectTV would be charging my mothers American Express card for all charges in mid-July no matter what we said.

Needless to say, we are extremely upset and feel almost robbed by this dishonest company. How many other Los Angeles residents have been cheated by this company? Please know that we will do everything possible to help see this bait-and-switch end. If it requires a lawsuit, we will cooperate with the city in every way.

Please feel contact us for more information. My mother is:


1111 Our Street

San Pedro, California

And I am:

Anthony X. XXXXXXX

Carson, California


My mother's DirectTV account number is: 80XXXX

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How about this one I ordered DirectTV Choice under the understanding that I would recieve the Fuel TV channel. I confirmed it with the rep over the phone and also confirmed it online.

When I turned on the TV and saw that there wasnt my favorite channel FuelTV I picked up the phone and called them becuase I thought there was an error and they could fix it. When I called I spoke with Tricia and she advised me that Direct TV can remove channels at anytime without notice. How is this legal?

This would be the same as if I sit down at dinner look at the menu and see Fries, Soda and a burger.

I order the meal confirm with the waitress and when I get the meal they charge me the same price but take the burger away! How do they get away with this? No price reduction just take my services away??

I would stay far away from DirectTV! :( :(


Unbelievable horrible cutomer service happened to me today. Yesterday I agreed to have DirecTV hook me up, with DVD for two years.

I was told to call back later in the day if I chose to go with HD receiver instead of DVR. After deciding to but a $2,000 HDTV I called DirecTV back as instructed only to find out they were closed. So I get up early this morning to call to have HD instead of DVR. I was told be CS that my order was in the system and could not be changed.

She said this over and over. I said this was crazy. I told her if DirecTV refused my request for HD service I would not let the installer on my property. She then told me to cancel my order!!!!!!!

I said, fine, cancel my order and hung up the phone. Unreal.

customer_rep defend

Why in the World did you put your Mother's phone number on the internet are you gunning for the worst son of the year award?