My husband in AND OUT OF THE hospital 2 weeks VERY ILL ALL HE wants WHEN HE GETS HOME IS cable I set it up.Directtv calls he tells them to please talk to me as he is ill.

Mine you I set everything up and some snot nose imbecile named David sends my account to the fraud department so nobody can help me but him. SPOUSE UNABLE TO ANSWER HIS QUESTIONS DAVID STRESS ME OUT MORE. I am traumatized as it is with my husband recovery and the last THING I need is to be stressed out about cable. Sooo I said just cancel the entire order to include internet and some other *** tells me I cannot cancel service that I do not even have YET.

Somebody tell me how this is suppose to be the "best experience". Life is hard enough. It is cable people. VP RIGHT JUST LIKE ALWAYS YOU DO NOT GIVE A RIP AND NOTHING IS GOING TO GET DONE OR CHANGE.

Comcast is looking better even if it cost more.YOU CAN GO YOU KNOW WHERE IS THAT DIRECT ENOUGH FOR YOU.


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