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I have been with DirectTV from the first days of PrimeStar and have just cancelled my service. Two years ago I bought a DirectTv HD-DVR receiver from Best Buy for $500.

I also bought a 50" Plasma system for over $5K. For the last two years of buying this system DirectTv has been charging me a lease fee for the system I bought besides the fees for the six channels of HD and the fees for Tivo service. None of this was explained to me at Best Buy and their customer service is still unaware of this situation. Since I cancelled my DirectTV service they want the receiver which I paid for back.

They say it is leased. I never signed or was told of a lease agreement.

Is anyone interested in getting a class action suit against DirectTV of BestBuy for these deceptive practices?

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Always call Directv and give them the receiver id number. They will be able to tell you if the receiver is leased or owned.


I had a salesperson at Best Buy try to tell me that I would not be able to receive the same picture quality from Dish as from DTV and that DTV could offer more HD content all so he could offer me all the DTV programming for 79.99 A month for life. I told him he must think I have *** written on my forehead he thinks I am going to believe that. And after reading the previous posts I will never switch.


I have a similar situation and am willing to have a lawsuit.


Buyers beware of buying a Directv HD-DVR Receiver from Best Buy. Directv says they are still leased equipment from them and you must turn them in to them when you discontinue your service.

Not once did the salesperson at Best Buy disclose this. Of course they say it was in the contract which I'm sure 9 out of 10 people don't read. I personally don't remember even getting a contract from Best Buy but that was 3 or 4 years ago. I do however feel that is one piece of information the salespeople should tell you.

Why would you purchase something when you can get it for free from Directv? Is this a scam between Best Buy and Directv?

Pissed Customer is putting it mildly right now. :(


I just had to replace an old eight year old DTV reciever. I did receive a lease fee that hasn't been on my bill for the past eight years.

the customer service representative never told me that this fee would be enacted - let alone four times as stated above - I recorded the conservation. Also the order summary did not state this change. a subsequent customer service representative state that the charge did not apply due to the age of my programming package terms.

if you think that DTV has an excellent quality control program then why the same complaints over and over again. glad I recorded the conversations


Having been recommended to direct tv by a friend I was shocked at the terrible service and quality.

Shoddy equipment, took four 30+ min phone calls before they finally replaced my "new" receiver. First one last 1 month.

The people who signed me up and the people that installed the equipment DO NOT work for direct tv. They give you bad information and direct tv says "too bad, they don't work for us." Sorry direct tv, if they are under contract with you then they DO work for you. Own up to your responsibilities.

Been a customer for 5 months now. Still waiting on the promised gift cards that were supposed to be here in 6-8 weeks.

It is ok though, I will get my money back when I withhold payment on my last bill! I certainly will not be renewing.


The fact that there is "fine print" along with dubious disclosure by Direct TV should in and of itself be enough to indicate that Direct TV is a bad actor.

I tried to subscribe to Direct TV. I ended the sign up process since the agent could not answer questions about disclosure.

Simply put, Direct TV engages in bad business practices. Best advice, know who you are doing business with...


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I bought four receivers at Best Buy for DirectTV back in 11/2006. No one at Best Buy told me that I was "leasing" the receivers.

When I hooked up the DirectTV service a couple days later, I was shocked to hear that even though I owned the equipment I still had to pay a lease fee. But still, no one told me that I was leasing the equipment that otherwise was free if DirectTV supplied it. Now, four years later, DirectTV says they own the equipment, even though they admit that they have NO documentation evidencing the same. Plus, they can tell me of no benefit I received by purchasing the equipment, since they would have "leased" it to me for the same lease fee they charged me anyway.

I am not rolling over for these knuckleheads and told them to see me in court where I will expect to see them produce the lease agreement I supposedly signed at Best Buy. If they do that, I plan on asking Best Buy to explain why they sold me something DirectTV was giving away for free.


#1- If you purchased DTV from DTV, the commitment is told to you at least 4 times during the process of signing up. You are also told that be activing the service you are agreeing to to terms of the contract.

#2- Whose fault is it if you don't read the fine print.

#3If you have ever used your cc to pay someones bill for them or to set up an acct. Is is kept on file & you are told before the cc information is ever taken from you that it will be kept on file and if there are any balances at the time of termination of service they will be charged to your acct.

Many people don't take the time to listen, they just want to get the transaction over and done with. Please listen to what the agent is telling you.


Misleading advertising - DirecTV entices new viewers with ads for low prices in big print while hiding a multitude of fees, planned rate changes and other terms in print too small to read.

ETF - DirecTV locks consumers into a two-year contract with a $480 early termination fee without disclosing the terms or even its existence. DirecTV, often without notice or authorization, then charges the consumer's credit card or debit card (tied to a checking account) for the ETF plus hundreds more in equipment fees when the consumer cancels DirecTV.

Rebate confusion - In order to obtain a promotional rate, customers sometimes have to submit a rebate. Customers who submit the rebate form after installation may be charged full price for their service for up to two months. Those who fail to return the rebate within 60 days of an order are charged the full price indefinitely – even if DirecTV failed to adequately inform them of the need to mail the form.

Charging for "free" services, installation and upgrades - The company advertises “free” installation and upgrades such as an HD receiver, DVR receiver or premium channels such as HBO and Starzz. In fact, customers may be required to pay monthly fees for the equipment. The premium channels are offered as a free trial that automatically converts into a paid subscription.

Contract extensions - DirecTV not only requires customers to agree to an extended contract at the beginning of service, but attempts to extend those terms even further. The company extends the length of contracts when customers require equipment repairs, upgrade equipment or move.

Undisclosed financing requirements - DirecTV fails to disclose that the company’s least expensive package of $29.99 per month is only available to customers who meet certain financing conditions and agree to have the costs automatically charged or debited.

Protection plan - Many customers are not aware they have been signed up a $5.99 monthly "protection plan" which DirecTV may charge $10 to cancel.

Non-return of deposit - DirecTV requests a customer's Social Security Number to run a credit check. Those who do not provide their SSN or those who do not pass the credit check may be required to pay a $200-$300 deposit to get service. Those who cancel service prior to the end of their contract lose part of the deposit and may also be charged cancellation fees.

Misleading promises of cash back - DirecTV ads show promises of cash back from $50 to $200 for referrals or moving, but consumers do not get any cash. Instead, they may get a $5 or $10 bill credit over several months.


I have the same issue as the original post. I didn't sign anything at Best Buy.

I used the pin pad for debit and that's it.

I already had FTC service I just added the HD dvr for hard drive space. Your ***...people like you make life you do.


I have the same issue as the original post. I didn't sign anything at Best Buy.

I used the pin pad for debit and that's it.

I already had FTC service I just added the HD dvr for hard drive space. Your ***...people like you make life you do.


File a complaint on the BBB and FCC websites


To Your ***...

First, let me point to the irony of your name. It should be "you're ***"...dumbazz. Second, Direct TV deliberately hides obscure and misleading information within their user agreement. For instance...did anyone know that under the "3rd Party" disclaimer that they can hold you as a family member to someone else accountable for the bill that they didn't pay? Sure's in there (as illegal as it should be).

None-the-less, there is better services, customer service, products, and overall satisfaction to be had...stay away from Direct TV. THE SUCK as a COMPANY... finish... Your ***, You are ***!


Everybody should try ATT Advance T.V Uverse , there is no contract or Early Termination Fee & Dvr service is great record up to 4 shows at the same time , u could record a show and play it on any tv at home , I wish my area was elgible for it . as soon as it is I will cancel Direct tv and use the visa gift card from them to take care of the ETF.


I'm very unhappy with Direct Tv and only have been with this service for 4 days. I signed up at Best Buy , the rep there gave us a great presentation and also stated we would get a $350 gift certificate in return.We had Dish it was great @ there DVR worked great we could record any show on any tv @ we didn't even need a HD Dvr or receiver as a working mother I would come home and then late at night watch my recorded shows upstairs or any tv at home.rep at Best Buy assured me that there Dvr service was the same or if not better.

It's to late to cancel without a Early Termination fee. I took to long to inquire about this , thinking that I just didn't know how to use the dvr, does anybody have any tips??


you can call direct tv and have your equipment change to standard box which will lower your monthly rate, true you cannot cancel the service without penalty but you can put it on vacation after 3 months of service for 12 months.


When you "purchased" the DirecTV box from Best Buy, you signed the lease agreement.

You really can't be angry at Best Buy, because you were too *** to read what you signed.

It should be pretty hard to be upset at DirecTV as well. If you simply asked, you would have found out about all the charges before you signed a contract that you didn't read.

DirecTV isn't a great company, but you should have done research before signing up.

#120019 Sign the petition , if directv loses the NFL ticket they're done