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We just cancelled DirecTV and also had to pay an early cancellation fee of $360. The real rub here is we sent the 2 receivers back via Fedex.

After DirecTV received the 2 receivers they pulled the cards out of both and ran them through their system and determined that 2 years ago we did not pay for 4 PPV movies. I do not have the bills from 2 years ago to prove we did pay. We called DTV CS and were told they would not remove the charges. They know they are a sinking ship and are grabbing at all the revenue they can get their corrupt greedy hands on.

Oh by the way, I will not miss watching my husband on a snow covered roof scraping ice off the dish during a storm because we lost our signal. Old Technology at best.

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They just charged me for 4 movie they say I watched a year ago. I don't know if they are double billing.


They just sent me to collections after I cancelled service. They somehow came to the conclusion that I owed them for PPV boxing matches I purchased two years ago.

OK if I didn't pay my monthly bill which includes the PPV charge how did I not get my service cancelled!! What a bunch of double dipping criminals f those Direct TV crooks.


After a huge problem w/ getting the receiver return box to my updated address and being charged $130 for the receiver that I full intended on sending back, I now found out I'm being charged $80+ for PPV movies I supposedly ordered 2+years ago. I am in the midst of disputing it.

I will never sign up w/ DirectTV again despite being happy with the price and quality of HD service. I feel like I am being completely taking advantage of.


Diectv changed me for 2 yr old ppv charges from used equipment I bought from Amazon. Not my ppv Charges but they said it was my responsibility anyway when you buy used equipment.

The ppv were from the previous customer had not paid from 2007. They told me they would remove the charges, however when I recieved my next bill they were still there with the $15.00 tax charge and a $5.00 late fee, and a threat of disconnection. I called again and after threatened them with dish network they agreed to credit me $185.00 which still does not include the taxes and late fees.

To boot I had to talk to two people in the philipines. I am going to write corporate.