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After calling DIRECTTV in January to cancel a plan I had for over 5 years, they neglected to tell me until after I cancelled that I was going to be charged $250 for early cancellation. Evidently, as a consumer they punish you because they can't offer the best deals for their current they lose them and they make them pay for their decision.

As a state employee, pretty influential person, I WILL tell everyone I know the rip off that DirectTV is. In addition, the legal ramifications on charges that were never authorized. They told me over the phone that they will charge the credit card on file if the $250 isn't paid. After telling them of my companions death (daughter father) and the need to find something (desperately) more affordable, they slap me with punishment for canceling my service.

Again, the service that I had been paying on for over 5 years. THe DVR I had ADDED to my service is considered "new" service and that I signed for a 24 month contract. I didn't sign for anything except the service I had installed over 5 years ago?? ITS a raquet and ripoff.

I know that AT&T is getting sued for fraudulant charges on phone bills, DIRECTTV won't be too far behind them. Thank you for allowing me to post my frustration. I HOPE DIRECTTV see this.

BBB has also been notified.

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Same deal with me. Bought a receiver in the 90's when they were expensive.

Direct TV was different back them. Cancelled two years ago and got billed for $386. I have Oxfod management calling me also and put it on my credit bureau (transunion. I did signed no contract with them so I don't understand how their claim that I owe them anything hold water?

Why is there never an attorney on these web sites? Too busy chasing ambulances?

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #84123

Direct TV

Corporate Office

Ms. Ellen Filipiak

Sr. VP, Customer Care

2230 East Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245

Direct TV "hides" this address but I found it! Bombard Ms. Filipiak with your complaints! Maybe, just maybe, they will realize JUST HOW BAD their service is and make changes. They hire and train people to be TOTALLY INCOMPETENT and then tie to you exorbitant contracts when they fail to provide the type of service that is expected.

If the industries won't police themselves, we, as consumers, have an obligation to. Also, contact your local Consumer Protection Agency (listed on County Gov't websites) with your complaints. These "monopolies" are ILLEGAL and the Consumer has to stand up for their rights.


We are being harrassed by Direct TV. We ordered Verizon with Direct TV.

We would get bad reception multiple times a week because of bad wheather. We call direct TV to fix it. their response, bad wheather, they can't fix. No problem, we will cancel service.

(lousy food at restaurant, get me new food. Bad car from dealership, fix problem, lousy reception from satelite dish, fix it. Can't fix it, cancel service.) Verizon had no problem with cancel, thank you. Now direct TV says we are under contract, it does not matter what lousy service we get, we have to pay.

This is not going to happen here. What is this, old world pressure where if we say no your going to *** a finger!! WE ARE NOT PAYING!! Now they have a company called OXFORD MANAGEMENT calling all hours to collect for Direct TV.


You are in a fight to the end. LET's all get together for an expensive legal fight.


i'm hoping it's only $250 to cancel this service.

i've barely had it 2 weeks and nothing but problems.....

i'm starting the process to cancel it now!

Jber, Alaska, United States #21517

Direct TV is harrassing me with a $607.93 cancellation and receiver fee. My receivers are bought and paid for by my husband who used to be an independent installer for directv among other satillite companies.

However, when I called to cancel it was due to the fact that every month for over 2 years, my bill was 2 times the amount is should've been, charges for the same package twice and for DVR rentals (DVRs that were my property not theirs). Also I was never sent a bill in the mail so I never new when it was due or how much it was until I went online to figure it out. Each month the problem was supposed to be corrected. So in my opinion if there were a contract (which I never signed) then they would be the ones responsible for breaching that contract.

So, after the 2 years I was fed up and cancelled the service. I was not informed of any form of early cancellation fee (early of what I don't know being as I didn't have a contract). It was cancelled and guess what they mailed me my first ever bill for $607.93, the bill was for my own dvr's not being returned to them (because they never came from them in the first place) and for an early cancellation. When asked if they could provide proof of a contract they were to mail that to me or fax it to me.

Which they never did. They were supposed to pull recorded phone calls they claimed to have of me renewing my contract or changing services. Which ofcourse they never did. Instead they charged my husbands card whithout his permission.

The bank caught it an validated this was an unauthorized payment and our money was returned.

Now they are calling me on a daily basis threatening to send the bill to creditors and destroy my credit.

I can't believe these people are still in business. Surely there is some class action lawsuit out there to get rid of these thieves.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #5528

same story...different day. Exact same thing happened to me...only I was a faithful customer for 14 years.

It's embarrassing that a billion dollar enterprise harrasses it's customers for a lousy $250.00 when I gave them over 1500.00 a year for 14 years! Their fraudulent practices need to be addressed by a court of law. Hopefully, after the 2010 season they'll lose their exclusive rights to the NFL SUNDAY TICKET and with it 95% of their customers. I switched to Verizon Fios and get the NFL channel for free!

No wonder Direct tv has to pay people $50.00 to recommend them.

They couldn't pay me enough! I'll post my experience on every blog on the internet in the hopes that it will change at least one customers decision and hit Direct TV where it hurts the their fat wallets!

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