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Direct TV charges you for their services a month in advance, but then when the service is cancelled, they do not refund you the money which is due to you. In my case, then said that the receivers had uncharged movies, (which I never had ordered) that dated back 3 and 4 months. Do they really think that the only time they would charge the customer is only when services have been cancelled?

After contacting Customer Service, they said the only way which the money would be refunded to me is if I renewed the service or opened a new account.

Please look to find an alternative service provider. They are extremely unfair and not customer service oriented at all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

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I just talk to the same idiots. I cancelled directv on 09-03-19 Service was discontinued on 10-03-19.

But some way I still owe another month and i have sent the equipment back. The need to hire Americans so you can at least understand when you getting a good screwing.


They are trying to tell us that our June 6 payment paid for half of May. I thought they always billed in advance.

We canceled our service on June 28 but they are claiming we need to make the July payment for the part of June our June payment didn't cover. We've called several times about this and get a different story every time.


Same situation, I paid in advance, and for three months I have spent hours talking to representatives that I can't understand. They finally said to go online and dispute the bill, that does not work because you click on the link and get a response "Request Entity Too Large" They want you to get frustrated and give up; owing the bill forever or paying it to make it go away.


They are as much a thief as our government under Trump!

@Ernest P.Garza

Enough with the politics, don’t like USA them out...Venezuela sounds good to me.


Yep, they are trying that with me too. I cancelled my service (for many reasons but mainly for not honoring retention dept agreed on discounts) after 15 yrs of being a on time bill paying loyal customer.

They told me i had my service paid for thru 12/24, but they immediatly stopped the service on 12/21. When i called to ask why they cut service for days i had paid for they told me the only way to receive my already paid for days was to renew to a new 2year contract..... ummm, not a chance. Now they have sent me a bill with late charges for service they did not provide.

AT&T you suck.... you always have....

and you are ruining DirectTV. I stream now and forever....


I also have terminated my service and was told not to pay my normal monthly bill,,,when I got the "final bill" it had the full month in advance plus a late charge....


I had a similar situation with Directv. They tried to say the Dec 3rd bill was for the cycle nov 2 to dec 1.

But admitted the first bill will be a prorated charge of the month started service in and then the future billing cycle. So I kepts asking if the bill was for the future billing cycle then when does the bill switch to previous billing cycle? I talked to retention/loyalty department. then to their manager and also was about to to speak to the project manager.

the one incharge of the entire account.

i used to work for centurylink cust service and sold directv. i know they bill in advance and after 1hr 44min i got them to give me the 133.02 charge credited back.


There bill process of billing in advance is terrible. It’s 10 days prior to the end of the billing month! If you don’t pay by the listed as ‘payment due by date, even though it’s not the end of close to , the end of the service period, they bill you a late charge!


They are laying me out too. My bill was just received when I cancelled service.

They are charging me $65 for no more than a day if that of service.

Never mind what I already paid for in advance. They're crooks.