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After upgrading equipment in may 2012 DirecTV took old receivers. In September they started charging me for movies from Nov 2010 supposed watched on receiver from our bedroom order through remote.

We have never ordered TV through remote. With the old system we would Oder movies online so that they could be watched on every TV in the house. After arguing with Customer Service 2 times we sent letter to Michael White in the Greenwood Village Colorado office 2 months ago and have never heard anything back from them. Now they say financing has denied any credits cause our account is flagged for excess credits.

We ask for programming credit every year to keep pace with what they are charing in creases and for what new customers are getting. They generally give us a DVR fee credit of $8 or programming credit of $10, now the customer service department tells us that that flags our account for special use because we have already gotten back too much. With our upgraded equipment in may we signed a new equipment protection plan for $6 per month. They sent us a letter explaining that they are increasing the price to $8 but we would get a $2 credit each month until 1 yr on equipment.

Customer service tells us they sent letter in error because since we have always had the protection plan it is not new so we don't get credit.

Every time we turn around they are charging us for more & customer service is no help. You cannot talk to anyone except 1 level of supervisor, there is no way to get help after that if they ignore your letter like they have us.

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Tv Service.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Well for one you keep asking for credits for rising costs....if everyone just paid what they are supposed to maybe we all would not have to see such increases. Now i have to pay my bill at full price and pay the increases to pay for your whining.

If you cannot afford it lower your package. Tv is a luxury not a neccessity. This isn't the government where you can apply for welfare or assistance to survive.

My tax dollars pay for that (which i do not care because some people do really need the help) but my ability to pay my entertainment should not subsidize your inability to pay for yours. So because all of you people asking for credits just because u can and not because you deserve it from an outage or technical problem make my bill go up more.


They just did the same thing to me. They claimed I ordered Wrestlemania 4 years ago!

No one in my house has ever watched wwe. Ever. Customer service gave me the run around.

I have never asked for a credit. Did you get anywhere.