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Ever since we got Directtv of which we did not order(our apt bldg did it) we have had service problems. Every two months our TV is searching for satalite.

We have Consolidated Smart Systems who does not care if our TV is serviced correctly. It takes them 2 months to get the problem fixed and then it happens again in 2 more months. Directtv does not care about the poor service. They don't even want to hear about it.

Check to see who your servce people will be before getting Directtv. Do not use Consoidated Smart Systems at all.

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I also have consolidated smart systems I've lodged complaints with the BBB and I won my dispute against consolidated smart systems they are rude and have even cut my service off when they were suppose to be disconnecting a neighbor when I called them to ask why did they disconnect my service that at first denied they did it until several of my neighbors came forward and said they saw them do it the people on the phone are rude and have total disregard for their customers

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