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There are not enough curse words in the English language to describe how I feel about DirecTV at this point. I have been a customer with these people for three years now after dumping Comcast for high cable bills. I have not had one problem from them until I had the "audacity" to want to upgrade our basement TV to an HD DVR box.

The problems started when the young technician came to install our box and satellite dish. He informed us that his work order called for him to take one of our two regular DVR boxes and replace it with an HD DVR. Of course this was not correct, he was only supposed to be ADDING the HD DVR to the basement tv not taking our existing boxes in the other rooms. I paid well over $400 for those boxes so WHY would I want them taken away? He called DirecTV to have his work order changed after this was done he proceeded to do his job. Only problem with this is the boy obviously didn't know how to do his job. He kept the original line we had for our old DirecTV box and didn't install a second line to the box to support the second tuner that is in all DVR boxes. The dish also wasn't aligned correctly because we weren't receiving all of our HD channels. However, we didn't find out about the channels or the tuner until after he left. He only gave us the major HD channels probably thinking we would not notice the others or the tuner missing. When we did we immediately contacted DirecTV about the problem. The customer service rep apologized and set us up for another tech call.

Now this is when I start getting pissed. The tech came out and promptly told us that he was only here to check the dish not to add another line LIKE WE REQUESTED SEVERAL TIMES TO DIRECTV. Of course we became angry and called Directv AGAIN. The Tech left without so much as looking at the dish, then proceeded to tell his supervisor that we were hostile to him and he couldn't work in a hostile environment. The only thing we asked him was why he wouldn't install the second line to our DVR box. Nothing more. (Directly to him if I catch you on the streets I'll show you what TRUE hostility really means you little ***.)

By now Directv is apologizing again and telling us since this was a contractor who came to do our service we have to wait till tomorrow to get a phone call from them about the issue. I waited and I received a terrible telephone message from some out of country line asking me if my previous day service call met my expectations. I called them back and was given to someone who couldn't talk or understand English very well as I had to repeat myself several times before anything was done. She then told me that she did not have a work order number for me and needed that to complete our phone call. You people CALLED me I did not CALL YOU I was returning your phone call. What the *** do you mean you need a work order number.

Needless to say I called DirecTV BACK again about this problem. I was transfered to a tech customer service person who tells me that during the time I ordered my HD box I was supposed to request another line be drilled for my second tuner. I let him know that this was the most crazy piece of BS I've ever heard. If I didn't already have TWO DVRs how was I possibly supposed to KNOW to even ASK for the line to be installed or that it needs a second tuner to work right? He tells me that the person is supposed to tell me this over the phone. Well guess what nothing of this sort was even brought up, and I don't believe thats even true. After telling him to just set my appointment for my line to be installed he proceeded to tell me that this was going to cost me $99. WHAT?! I have to pay $99 on top of the $230 you sucked out of me for this box just for DirecTV to drill a second hole into MY HOUSE and put some f-ing coaxial cable through that hole. I can pay the crack head five blocks down $10 bucks for that.

By this time I was livid and hung up on that *** hole. I then contacted the supervisor and was told that none of what was quoted to me by the above *** was true. He set up a trouble call for me and the tech supervisor came out two days later and fixed all the problems that started two weeks ago.

All I can say is if you don't have DirecTV don't even bother. Make sure you ASK up front even call for a supervisor if you have to cause these people are training their customer service department to lie and steal from customers. Trust me if it wasn't for the fact that I would be charged a $300 early termination fee I would not be with them today.

Monetary Loss: $232.

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well.. the customer service sucks in the english dep .. but if u have a litle of patience and call to the spanish dep , they fix all the issues in the first call

Ontario, Oregon, United States #8213

Joe, consider yourself lucky that your experiences with DIRECTV has been great. I just has a battle with them with regards to an Unethical and Unjust Early Termination Fee that they were trying to stick me with. After doing a little research on the internet, I saw that I was no where near the only person that this has happened to.

Poteau, Oklahoma, United States #7696

I think the customer service with dtv is great..I haven never had any issues with their equipment or customer service. I have always been treated nicely

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