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This company has the rudest customer service I have ever encountered!! I called Direct TV customer service today to try to see if there was any way to remove the NFL Sunday Ticket from our bill.

I got a girl named Heidi who started off acting frustrated that I even called about it. She explained that there was a time period I had to cancel it but I had missed it and that we could not cancel after the season started. Most things with them you can cancel or change without any issues. I honestly did not think this would be any different and I don't remember getting any mail on it saying I needed to cancel now or that it was about to renew.

She kept condescendingly telling me that I should have checked the bill and called earlier and that it was my responsibility to check my statements. I'm on an automatic draft and on paperless so I don't always see these things. I never got anything in the mail saying I should cancel this before the season started and if I did I would have had cut if off immediately. I don't need and don't want the channel at all.

We never even watched it last season when it was free. Its a lot of money nearly $200 for something I will never watch. I understood there was nothing she could do at this point and I just had to deal with it. not really.

How is it that so many people get it for free and discounted then? So based on my situation I asked if there was any way I reduce my bill and said that I wanted to be bumped down to the base plan. She then said she would send me a list of channels for me to review like she was just trying to get me off the phone. I told her I already reviewed the channels for the base "Entertainment" plan and that was what I wanted to do.

She still tried to brush me off again rudely by saying I needed to review the channels, decide and call back. I finally got her to change our plan (so I thought) and she asked if there was anything else she could do for me and I said "Is there any other ways I can cut our bill down?". A logical question since our bill has sky rocketed with all the discounts and everything we had before just expire. By the way she never changed anything on our account!

She then said sounding annoyed you would need to review your statement and see if there is anything you can ***. REALLY? I'm asking for your help since you know all the services and added discounts/costs that could possibly be involved. I then started making suggestions like removing the DVR.

We have two boxes here. I thought one was a DVR and the other was a regular receiver and asked her to check. She tried to avoid even checking, until I asked another two times. We did have one of each so I said I wanted to return the DVR.

She then told me if I returned the DVR box I would have to buy another receiver and it would cost us another $100. That's not what I wanted though. I wanted to remove the unit all together from the 2nd TV with no receiver replacement and wanted to know how much it would *** the bill. She continued to be rude and talk condescendingly to me and I was just fed up.

I asked for her name and to speak with her manager. I told her she made me feel like I wanted to cancel my service now and she immediately responded talking over me that it would then cost me another $250 to buy out my contract out and then had the nerve to laugh. I couldn't believe that!!! I ended up hanging up on her!

My husband even called them back only be spoken to rudely too and then left on hold for 15 min. I'm a nice person and tend to be a little shy especially to confrontation so this was really harsh and overwhelming to me! I never expected to be talked to like that from anyone in customer service! I thought they were there to help and that's all I was asking for.

I've been a loyal customer and have always paid my bills on time. I WILL be cancelling our service at the end of our contract and will NEVER return to Direct TV. They can blame this one extremely horrible experience with their representative for that!

This situation left me in tears. They should be more careful who they hire and instill some respect for their customers and their various situations.

Review about: Directv Receiver.

Monetary Loss: $198.

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Ok, I think I might need to clarify here. I'm not at all trying to get something for nothing.

I had simply asked if I could cancel the NFL Sunday Ticket. I had no idea it was a program that you couldn't as you can cancel most programming with any cable or satellite service. I did not ever see anything stating I needed to cancel it by a certain date, but I agree it is possible it was overlooked. I did't know anything until our statement had changed, but that part I had accepted.

The point has completely drifted away from what I was originally trying to express here though. I was upset at the way I was treated by the rep.

To be honest most of the reps I've spoken to with dtv have been nice and polite and always offered to help. I think the reps with NFL Sunday ticket are in a completely separate dept.

I'm sure it's a common question they hear often. I understood there was nothing she could do and I should be more attentive to my bill. All of you are absolutely right and I'm not trying to deny that or get anything for free. I was more upset that she talked to me so condescendingly and was so snappy and annoyed.

I didn't take it out on her as "Really?" commented I might have. I even said I know it's not your fault and that she was basically the messenger. I'm far from a confrontational person. It's just not in my nature at all.

When I wrote this it was of course in the heat of it.

It's not all reps at dtv. I do think it was just that dept, that subject and that particular rep.


This is the problem with most people.They do not read.If every other customer recieved their warning,Then you did also.How can you just pay a bill without looking at the charge's.Even if this is auto bill pay.I am sure you recieve your statment's from your bank.This is your fault.Trying to recieve something for nothing.DUH.


You really should read your bill each month. There is no excuse if you don't.

I also received a letter that stated billing for nfl Sunday ticket is about to start. My experience with dtv service has always been good.

Are you sure that you didn't start the rude conversation? Even I sometimes take it out on the customer service rep before I realize they're not actually the ones responsible for the problem.


Sorry you were treated so experiences have always been good with their customer service. But it reallyvis your responsibility to review your bill each month.

I got a notice i think in June that i was going to be charged for the sunday ticket. It was right on the bill for me to read.

Yes i do auto bill pay. I never go paperless on any bill because of the announcements companies put on bills.

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