after 8 years with direct tv I cancelled my service .direct tv customer service is rude and should BE called 'self service',DIRECT TV THEN USED MY DEBT CARD TO COLLECT THEIR CANCELLATION FEE PLUS A MONTH OF SERVICE I DID NOT RECEIVE. This PAYMENT WAS NOT AUTHORIZED BY ME I am disputing this charge with my bank.

a lawsuit in federal court is pending against direct tv on just this practice. their defense is that direct tv can bill for service and for NO service.mWOW what a concept=buy from direct tv or not and we can still get your money.

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who want a direct tv when you can watch everthing for free on the net


If you were with DTV for 8 years,there should have been no cancellation fees unless you had to have a replacement of their equipment due to malfunction or whatever and this renewed your contract. Hopefully your bank will work with you and get your money refunded but be aware that DTV can also recharge the account.

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