Richardson, Texas
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I called AT&T to request UVerse (internet and TV service). They did not offer this in my area but suggested I use a bundled DSL for internet, along with DirectTV's TV service. I ordered this, but was not told about the 2 year service contract.

The DirectTV installer mentioned that the trees in the yard might affect the signal and stated that we had 30 days to cancel. He also presented a 24 month lease agreement which was not signed or seen by me, but by a relative who let him in.

After 2 days the TV stopped working. DirectTV support said they had to send a new card which could take as much as 5 business days.

DirectTV claims that regardless of the fact that I did not sign any lease agreement I am still liable for charges that not only were not clearly explained, but contradicted by DirectTV personnel.

Monetary Loss: $480.

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Usually By signing off on the work order,you are also signing the 2 year contract which is on the back in very fine print.DTV has been pulling this scam on people since they have been in business and getting away with it but it get worse,this happens when your bill is never correct and every month you have to spend lots of time on the phone trying to get it straightened out only to happen again next month,If you decide to cancel service because you have had enough,DTV will automatically deduct a huge charge for early cancellation fees and nonreturned equipment fees from what ever account they have on file for you. Don't ever believe a word DTV tells you,they lie.Do make sure they do not have your bank or cc #'s.get a prepaid card for their files. If sending back equipment,do get a tracking # to prove they get it.