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More than 6 weeks ago, I terminated my Direct TV service. At the same time, the account to which I had the automated billing billed to was compromised and was closed. I notified DTV that this was the case and suspended further activity on this closed account by Direct TV.

At the time, I was told that a refund of $30.95 would be processed within 6-8 weeks. I called today to learn that this closed account was credited. When I explained AGAIN that this account was closed, they told me they had NO RECORD of that and that it would take ANOTHER 6-8 weeks to re-process this refund. What would happen if I were to withhold payment from you for 12 weeks?

When I asked to speak with a supervisor, I was told that "this Manager doesn't take customer calls"…how NICE! I guess if they did, that is all they would do so how convenient of you to exempt them from this PIVOTAL role.

Admittedly this is "only" $30.95 BUT IT IS MY $30.95 AND TO WAIT ANOTHER 6 WEEKS FOR IT IS NOT ONLY UNREASONABLE BUT WRONG. Is this delayed processing their way of hoping customers forget about the money they owe them so they can keep it?

Product or Service Mentioned: Directv Account.

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I singed up a contract with them as well, and well, it has been *** since. After several attemts and failures to also talk to a supervisor, I cut ties.

I even placed a hold on anything from them to go thru my bank. The bank only needed a $ amount. Direct tv changed the $ amount and was able to chage my bank account over $600. I made several attempts to discuss the situation, but no one will listen.

Im given the run around and not they have my money so what do they want to call me for. Never will I do business with them again. I tell everyone I know about there ways of business.

so far I have changed 15 potential customers of theirs to go elsewhere. Dont get Direct TV unless you want *** business practice and ultimatly loose your money.


Direct TV

Corporate Office

Ms. Ellen Filipiak

Sr. VP, Customer Care

2230 East Imperial Highway

El Segundo, CA 90245

I urge all DTV customers to bombard Ms. Filipiak's office with their complaints


I was owed $180.00 from charges that were not correct. I canceled they told me my refund was in the mail.

6 weeks later and 8 phone calls now they say I have no credit.

The past 7 times I have called they told me that my refund was in the mail and blah blah. I HATE DIRECTTV!