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This is it: about 2 days ago I discovered NEWSMIX was no longer available. I switched to SPORTSMIX TO SEE IF IT HAD BEEN ELIMINATED, AND AS OF YESTERDAY, IT WAS STILL AVAILABLE.


NEWSMIX? As far as I can tell, there has been no explanation from DIRECTTV as to why this was

necessary. Moreover, it leaves one wondering what other channels will be summarily cut off without explanation. Furthermore, with a programming cut, will there be a corresponding REDUCTION in the fee DirectTV charges its customers each month?

I do not value all the channels provided, equally.

I could not care less for sports. But news and information channels ARE important to me, and are the main reasons I subscribe to DirectTV.

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Don't worry it is time to dump Direct TV!!!


OBG I am stunned they took away the newsmix channel are they out of ther minds? Maybe there just pissed Obama won the election I dont know I dont care I want it back take away one of those religious zealot channels or one of the freakn info commercials enough is enough I WILL SWITCH BACK TO CABLE and you can sue me I DONT CARE and if you think Im the only one in RURAL PENNSYLVANIA who is PISSED OFF Think again hundreds of people will dump you I will take ads out in the newspapers SCREW YOU




I agree with the other comment. The likely explanation is to ensure that consumers watch endless commercials...

This really was one of Direct TV'S better channels. in one viewI can cash all of the new and fincial points of view.


they don't like news mix because we can dodge all the commericals they are throwing at us . pretty soon we will watch commericals and maybe see a little of a program