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The ad says "DIRECTV® Official Site

50% Off DIRECTV(1yr) Today + 6,000 Shows & Movies At No Extra Charge!"

Try and find the 6,000 Shows and Movies at no extra charge. The movies listed for download via their menu falls way show of 6,000 and there is a considerable mix of said movies that are posted with an adjacent "$" meaning that yoiu must pay for this download each and every time you wish to view it. So where are the 6,000 movies? Where are 1,000 movies at now extra charge. Some of the "Movie Channels" have changed to 1 hour hosted shows, documentaries, etc. far from movies. The movies scheduled have been beaten to death over and over again. Nothing refreshing to watch. HBO has "Real time with Bill Maher", you get the idea. Not at all worth my DTV bill. Guess I will dump them soon.

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