I discontinued my DirectTV DVR box and was told they were going to send me a "recovery kit" in 5 to 7 days to send the unit back. More than a week later I still didn't have it so I called to see why.

I was told they forgot to send it. Problem is I'm scheduled to go on vacation in 3 days and won't be home when it arrives and they don't seem to care one bit.

Maybe it's because if I don't send it back in time they will make me pay for the box. Could that be the real reason it wasn't sent?

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I have the same problem. I canceled 7/27/15 and was told I had 90 days to return everything and pay the early cancellation fee.

It's now 10/30/15 and I've called for the third time and they tell me they're sending another recovery kit. They charged me last month over $350 for the equipment.

I don't know the address so I could just ship it on my own and they refused my offer to drive it to the nearest Directv (over 30 min away). How am I supposed to give them back their equipment if they don't let me?

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Same thing happened here. I will be surprised when you come back from vacation if it was even sent.

My 2 1/2 year old grandson wanted to "help" me clean and sprayed my Hd tv and ruined it. So I have no need for the Hd DVR. I canceled HD service on Nov. 4, 2012, but kept the standard receiver.

I understand I had 21 days to return the HD receiver from the day of cancellation. I have called three different times after not getting the recovery box with in the "3-5 days". Conveniently for them they finally sent it the day before thanksgiving. The 21 days is up.

The recovery box will be here tomorrow (Nov. 27,2012) according to est. by fed ex. Directv should make it within 21 days of sending out the recovery box.

Of course they can "legally" take 200.00 dollars from my account as stated in contract for "my failure" to return it in time.:( Also the receiver is not accepted back by any other method. If you send it back yourself in your own box you will not get credit, What the H*** is that.

So it looks like I just bought myself a receiver that I can do nothing with! This is so sicking and unjust!

:cry :( Raped and helpless, I can't afford to lose 200.00 but I can't afford to fight it either! They bank on this! Im scared to cancel my service now in April when my two year contract is up, I'm sure they bank on that too.

There are numerous reasons I wish I would have stayed with Comcast/xfinity (they make you bring your box in, never had "hidden" charges, on demand was instant, weather resistant) and never got Directv, this just makes it that much more bitter. I feel just sick, sick, sick to my stomach!:sigh

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