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I saw advertisement on DirecTV for a free movie. Buy Clash of the Titans now or before August 2, 2010 and you get the next movie you order for free.

Because of previous bad experiences with DirecTV and their free offers I told my wife that we would not get the next movie for free and that I would have to call. She made a bet with me.

Yesterday I called to inquire why we didn't get the movie for free. After looking into it the Customer service agent told me that I had to order the movie online.

Well I didn't read the small print at the end of the commercial which tells you to go online for details. The online details I guess stated you must order online to get the movie for free.

Well dummy me I listed to the commercial and ordered the movie with my remote before August 2nd like the commercial said.

I told the agent that they could see my intent and that the commercial was misleading. He told me that I didn't follow proper procedure and I wouldn't be getting the 4.99 credit because I didn't order it right.

I won the bet with my wife but how many millions of people got swindled out of 4.99. This little *** made DirecTV a bundle.

So if this happened to you call 1-800-531-5000 and complain.

If DirecTV offers you something for free. RUN !!!

Review about: Directv Deal.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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If DirectTV offers something "Free" you had better believe it has strings attached.It does no good to complain to DTV unless you complain by filing a complaint with the BBB and FTC and they get so many complaints about DTV they cannot or do not answer them all.The BBB rates DTV with an "F" meaning they do not recommend anyone doing business with them.

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